Website Copy #2 (Landing Page):

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Like most entrepreneurs, you experience that ebb and flow of revenue,

the roller coaster we’ve spoken about.

Even out those peaks and valleys of income.

Have your knowledge work for you even when you don’t.

You know that a segment of your market will never attend a live seminar; they’ll view it as extravagant.

You know that many of them are single person operations or are small enough that they cannot justify your briefcase course to their location.

Give your client an excuse to take your course, make it easy for them to attend your classroom, give them every reason to want to learn something that will help their business in the end.

With YOU CAN TEACH ONLINE you eliminate every one of those “too extravagant” or “unjustifiable cost” objections, you make it easy for your clients to say “Yes.”

Website Copy #1 (You Can Teach Online):

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Why teach online?

Don’t Share One-to-One when You Can Share 1-10,000

Why trade an hour of your time for an hour of pay when you can repeat that knowledge for multiple clients (students) all at once?

You Can Teach Online™ is an online school that provides everything you need to make it happen.

A complete online classroom that allows you to reach a maximum number of clients who are looking for your expertise and are willing to pay for your knowledge.

Home Page copy:

You’ve got the knowledge. We’ve got the tools to help you share it.

A complete online classroom with no royalties attached. Your course fees are yours to keep!

You Can Teach Online™ lets YOU be the teacher.

Let your unique life and career experience work for you by teaching people around the world… on YOUR schedule.

Whether you’re a writer, a baker or a candlestick maker, you can create an additional stream of income by sharing your expertise.

And we have plans to fit every budget.

What you get: a complete online classroom from the highest quality online school with all the bells and whistles.

The best part?

You keep 100% of your course fee for your own!

Direct Mail Sample #1 (SYNERGY Program):

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Dear :

Can this letter make a difference in the life of a struggling student?

Yes – IF you take the time to read it.

In your busy life, I’m sure that most letters are skimmed and thrown away in the first few seconds of reading. And that’s where this letter will fail our student… if you never take the time to read it.

This letter introduces you to a very successful program. A program for teachers that will help our student get the education he wants, needs and deserves.

Professional Learning Board, one of only six companies selected as education partners by the National Education Association, is proud to present:

The Synergy Program – a program that transforms good teachers into great teachers.

What is the difference between two students who have similar financial and racial backgrounds as well as similar ambitions for their future? Why is one of those students motivated to continue their education and graduate from college while the other decides to go right into a job that leads him no closer to his aspirations?

The difference is what happens in the classroom. Bill Gates knows that. He understands what motivates young minds to greatness. In his words,  “The defining feature of a great education is what happens in the classroom. Everything starts from that and must be built around it.”

Teachers are the motivating force behind what happens in the classroom. The Synergy Program is the motivating force behind those teachers. In fact, 97% of teachers who complete the program recommend us to their peers. Yes – it’s that good.

Our programs motivate teachers.

Our teachers motivate students.

Our students continue their education.

Our teachers continue our programs.

Call the Professional Learning Board today to see how you can help us introduce more schools to the Synergy Program.

Direct Mail Sample #3 (Burial Vaults):

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Dear Funeral Director:

Are your counselors throwing away 100% or more profit?

Do your counselors remember to offer the protection your clients deserve? Funeral expenses are at an all time high, yet funeral home profits are not. Studies show that many funeral homes are not even offering vault protection in cases where it is not required by a cemetery.

Are you guilty of keeping your largest profit potential a secret? Did you know that burial vaults offer clients unparalleled protection against nature and, at the same time, funeral home profits of 100% or more?

More and more families are moving out of state. And families want to visit their departed loved ones in a cemetery in their new area. The disinterment process can be devastating when there is no burial vault protecting the decomposing coffin from the elements and nature.

The moment an unprotected coffin goes in the ground, it begins to deteriorate. After months or years of being underground, the coffin collapses and the loved one’s remains are painfully on display for all to see. You can save the family this heart-wrenching sight by offering a protective burial vault at the time of the funeral.

All it takes is one phone call to Long Island Vault.

No inventory to keep

No delivery trucks to maintain

No additional personnel to employ


Selling a burial vault is pure profit for the funeral home.

The family feels protected and your profits increase exponentially.  There is no other single component to the funeral and burial that offers as much.

Call Nick at L.I. Burial Vaults today for a free video that explains the benefits to your counselors. Don’t let one more day of lost profit slip through your hands.  Your clients (and your bottom line) will thank you for it.

Direct Mail Sample #2 (China Wholesale Trader):

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How To Make Seven Figures At Home – Following The Same Steps As A College Drop-Out Who Makes Over $1.8 Million A Year.

How many money-making programs have you purchased, only to say to yourself halfway through, “These are all great ideas on creative ways to market a business, but I STILL don’t know what business to go into?”

Your worries are over. Your trials and tribulations are over. You don’t have to wonder what business to open. This program takes you there… No more thinking, “that’s a great idea, if only…” or “that sounds like a smart way to attract prospects, but what the heck am I attracting them for?”

This program has it all:

You’ll learn not only HOW to market your business, but also, WHAT business to market.

You’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit, but never knew which business was profitable enough to satisfy your wants and needs. There are hundreds of programs that teach you how to market your business and that try to get you to spend your hard-earned money on a one-size-fits-all approach to small business marketing.

Those programs are geared toward people with an established business that they’re trying to grow or a struggling business they’re trying to make profitable.

But what about people like you? What about people who know that they want to go into business for themselves, but have little guidance as to what business is going to deliver for them?

This is where our program differs from the excess of programs that offer to get you started in your own business.

A tried and true business plan that works.

And all you need to make it work is your computer and internet connection.

Talk about low overhead.

You’re probably asking yourself about what experience you need to reap the rewards.

How about NONE?

If you can access the internet from your computer, you’ve got the technical know-how that it takes to make enormous amounts of money online right from your living room.

I know, you’re saying, “It can’t be that easy… if it were, everyone would be doing it.” But I’m telling you right now… it IS that easy.

Just reply to this invitation to become a Charter Member in The China Wholesale Trader program.

Do you remember the childhood game, “The boat comes from China?” It’s ok if you don’t know it, I’m just using it to illustrate a point.

The game was played with two or more kids with one of them “it.” Whoever was it would secretly choose an object and recite, “The boat comes from China and it’s filled with… B (or whatever the first letter of the secretly chosen object was) and the other kids would try to guess what it was.

Now that object could be anything in the room… a book, television, napkin, stereo, bookcase, pencil sharpener… anything. Whoever guessed the correct object was the winner.

This is your opportunity to be just like the winner of the game and buy items from China (and other places all over the world) for pennies on the dollar and resell them for incredible profits!

How can this be so easy? How can it be as simple as “Buy low… Sell high?”

Well, it is that easy when you know where to complete the “Buy low” part of that formula.

That’s what you get by being a Charter Member in The China Wholesale Trader program.

You will not be the first person to make money on the internet from their own home, (remember that college drop-out I mentioned) and you probably won’t be the last. But it’s important that you take advantage of this offer now… so you can be one of the people who make money on the internet from their own home.