Does your product have a story?

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Is there something that your product does that no other product can do? In this day and age, there is little chance that you have a truly unique product. So, what is it about your product that makes it different from all the others out there?

How can it make your customer feel? Does it satisfy a need uniquely? Do you deliver it like no one else? Do you provide exceptional customer service? Is your delivery method faster, easier than your competition? What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)?

And… how are you presenting that USP to your prospect?

Tell me about your product or service. Tell me what makes you unique. Tell me who your perfect customer is and what you’d like them to know about your offer. Tell me about their problems. Tell me how your offer can help solve that problem and I will write a compelling story, with just the right words, for your prospect to be able to say to themselves, “this is easy, I don’t have to look any further, this is just what I need.”

Ken Harrison

The Copy Pro

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